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  • Humphry

    Humphry creates clean powertrains for boats based on hydrogen fuel cells and Li-Ion batteries. With cheap and powerful automotive components Humphry powertrains offer better performance, with unmatched operating cost and no direct emissions. The modular architecture enables applications ranging from small recreational boats to commercial passenger vessels. By changing the way boats are powered, Humphry strongly contributes to the decarbonisation of maritime transportation.
    DAVY develops, produces and supports powertrains which are sold to ship yards & boat manufacturers (B2B). Profit is generated by the margin of approx. 30 % on every unit sold and additional 40 % of service-related revenues
  • SirPlus UG (haftungsbeschränkt) i.G.

    SirPlus massively saves and reduces B2B surplus food by matching supply and demand efficiently through our secondary market (digital marketplace) for surplus food. We bring wonky and expired food back into the circular economy (B2C & B2B).
    We receive surplus food from retailers, logistics players and producers for free and sell it at discount prices through our store, delivery and online shop. Of all food provided to us, we will distribute 20% to NGOs for free.
    We have received a €100k loan to start operations and convinced 4 major supply partners who committed us surplus food worth 6-7 digits in 2017. Further, we have acquired a strong same-day-delivery partner in Berlin. Our aim is to save >500 tons of food in 2017. Overall, there is huge potential in the EU with 50% food waste while >40% of it is still eatable, thus a theoretical market potential of food worth >40 bn €.
  • SeedForward

    SeedForward is an agricultural innovation start-up, focusing on solutions for a climate resilient and sustainable agriculture. Developing non-chemical seed products, SeedForward will tackle the worldwide agriculture market.
  • PlanBlue (Old name: Hyper Survey)

    PlanBlue produces a unique and cost-efficient seafloor mapping technology: the HyperDiver. DiveRay technology creates unique, cost-efficient seafloor maps to solve present-day challenges. With this technology, the effects of climate change are visualised, interpreted and thus appropriate action can be taken. PlanBlue aims to become the standard in seafloor monitoring.
  • Nuventura

    Nuventura is on a mission to transfer power to our homes safer, greener and more efficiently. The company pioneers in the research and development of innovative power grid technology and licenses its innovative intellectual property to a global network of production partners. By centralizing its knowledge, Nuventura helps to make clean energy technology more accessible.
  • provides opti.node, a Software-as-a-Service for commercial optimization and management of microgrids. opti.node allows industrial and commercial customers to make best use of on-site power production and helps to reduce the energy bill and carbon footprint likewise.
  • Volterion GmbH

    Volterion has developed a new generation of redox-flow batteries and related components for industrial bulk energy storage. By applying novel materials and a fully automated high throughput manufacturing processes for the core battery component "Stack", manufacturing cost of these batteries are reduced by half. Volterion aims to becoming the world’s largest supplier of redox-flow stacks to battery manufacturers.
  • envelio GmbH

    The energy transition requires more flexible energy grids to integrate millions of renewable energy resources. Grid operators’ IT systems and processes are not ready for this challenge. envelio provides the software as a service solution "Intelligent Grid Platform" to assist grid operators in the next phase of the energy transition.
  • Acrai

    Acrai has the vision to make agriculture more sustainable and efficient. In a first step, Acrai aims to disrupt the $26B herbicides industry. Acrai builds autonomous robots for non-chemical weed removal.

    TWAICE makes digital twins reality. TWAICE’s understanding of digital twins means merging domain specific knowledge with IoT and artificial intelligence. TWAICE's technology stack (on-board and cloud analytic software) enables to analyze, predict and optimize the overall state of health of lithium-ion batteries in electric vehicles. This enables to detect failures much earlier and by optimizing operating strategies, charging processes and system limits, a significant lifetime extension of the batteries can be achieved. Thus, TWAICE saves battery and electric vehicle manufacturers time and money.
  • MeduSoil

    MeduSoil engineers strong, resistant foundation soils to build on. This product targets construction projects and offers performant solutions for fast and long-lasting earth stabilization. MeduSoil incorporates next generation geo-membranes in conventional practice, combining technical innovation with economic efficiency.

    Two thirds of all food thrown away could be avoided. Reducing avoidable food waste prevents unnecessary greenhouse gas emissions and helps restaurants to operate more cost efficiently. KITRO tackles this issue, by providing an automatic food waste management solution for the food and beverage industry. KITRO’s goal is to change the way that food waste is handled and brings back the value of food.
  • Daphne Technology

    Daphne Technology's NanoScrubber solution helps commercial ship to reduce toxic air emissions and meet international regulations in a cost-efficient manner. With this technology the marine industry can use the most inexpensive fuels available while being always compliant and avoiding toxic emissions.
  • Refurbed GmbH

    Refurbed is an online-marketplace for refurbished electronics that allows customers to buy refurbished products from selected merchants. The products are of high quality, having at least a 1-year warranty, significantly cheaper than new products and highly sustainable. In the future, Refurbed aims to cover nearly all electronic products to address the big hidden environmental issue: e-waste.
  • Vienna Textile Lab

    Vienna Textile Lab matches design and new technologies, producing natural dyes made from bacteria. On an industrial scale the use of bacterial dyes is reducing CO2 production, and severely reduces toxic waste from the textile industry. Vienna Textile Lab aims to provide a real alternative to synthetic dyes made from crude oil substances.
  • Oxara

    Oxara transforms excavation materials into sustainable concrete. The team has developed an innovative technology that enables the production of a sustainable concrete: low cost and low CO2 from excavation materials. Excavation material represents billions of tons of waste produced worldwide. In the meantime, concrete accounts for 8% of CO2 emissions and a billion tons of resources depletion. Oxara's cement-free concrete is a competitive alternative for concrete and fired brick in low-rise buildings and affordable housing.
  • stenon AgTech

    Stenon AgTech is the first real-time soil analysis solution for agriculture, putting a laboratory in the hand of any farmer. With their IoT solution, consisting of intelligent sensor fusion, artificial intelligence and data analysis, farmers become the owner of their own laboratory. stenon FarmLab enables farmers around the world to return soil to its natural balanced state, saving fertilizer and reducing over-fertilization, increasing yields and gaining deep soil insights. stenon strives to reduce soil analyzation costs and makes them globally achievable for any farmer.
  • Onwrks

    Onwrks is a Berlin-based software startup, specialising in digital tools for wind turbine data management. Onwrks creates a failure prediction software for wind turbines. The team believes that deep learning algorithms can be a game-changer for the interpretation of turbine data, enabling advanced tools for forecasting and analysis. Improving the visibility of turbine performance is the first step towards a pro-active O&M strategy and significant cost reductions.
  • Tracks

    Tracks is an inclusive young tech-startup, based in Berlin, serving the road freight and trucking industry. Tracks is one of the first platooning service providers in Europe or around the world. Their platooning services will help make trucking safer, cleaner, more efficient, and fair.
  • S O NAH

    S O NAH is a machine learning sensor-platform for the future city. S O NAH has developed platform and AI algorithms which can be trained to solve urban challenges, like reducing parking traffic and the energy consumption of streetlights. The team strives to connect sensors in cities to make cities smarter and more sustainable.
  • E-nable+ Online Services

    E-nable+ is a one-stop online platform connecting the renewable energy industry. 80% of all global pre-developed energy projects fail due to network borders and market intransparency. The E-nable+ platform helps various players in the renewable energy industry catch this lost potential. The platform ad-hoc coaches stakeholders and connects them to the renewable energy industry across the globe, helping to successfully realize projects. Project developers are supported to finish their projects, investors to identify viable opportunities and suppliers to shortcut their sales and marketing.

    Analysis of water-impurities. UNISER has developed a fully-automated universal chemical sensor which can identify and quantify multiple different impurities of water. The target market is the semiconductor industry. This technology will help the semiconductor industry maintain the purity level of rinsing water used in chip production, eventually improving the reliability and manufacturing yield of the chips. It will also reduce the water and energy consumption of the semiconductor industry.

  • bookitgreen

    bookitgreen is the first platform connecting travelers with sustainable holiday accommodations around the globe, using state-of-the-art technology. One can book everything from organic farm-stays and luxury ecolodges to urban flats and green hotels. bookitgreen redefines how travelers book sustainable holiday accommodations.

    KOMP-ACT produces fully integrated electric actuators within the same price range of pneumatics ones, with the same dimensions and lightweight. In the global world that we live in, packages are everywhere, from mail, to supermarkets, to pharma to electronics. Grand scale packaging requires costly machines to assemble, fill, seal, label and code. KOMP-ACT reduces the energy costs for the automation industry and its carbon footprint by up to 49 millions of tons of CO2 per year.

    APARUS develops biomass furnaces as ecofriendly and lucrative heating technology, which not only produce heat but also high-quality biochar. Amongst other fields, biochar finds application in agriculture. It there helps to revitalize poor soils, increase animals’ health and improve fertilizer efficiency. This way the needed amount of agrochemicals decreases drastically. APARUS will be the first to offer a fully automatic furnace in the lower power range of 25 to 250kW for decentralized installation to close this gap.
  • Pave Group

    PAVE is an artificial intelligence based software-as-a-service tool for construction monitoring, issue and task management - enabling efficient and sustainable construction. PAVE can be used on construction sites as well as in the office. By using PAVE, overall construction costs and resources can be reduced by 7%.
  • Rare Earth Recycling Technology

    Rare Earth Recycling Technology creates raw material for cleantech. The team developed a recycling solution for technologically and strategically relevant raw materials from end of life e-wastes. They create sustainability through appropriate waste management; ensuring business opportunities.


    MAIOT is using machine learning and advanced analytics to predicting the maintenance of trucks. Fleet managers operate multiple truck brands and models. MAIoT’s software offers them a multi-brand solution. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, they are able to predict breakdowns on the road to prevent late deliveries or interruptions of the cooling chain. MAIOT simplifies the daily routine of maintenance scheduling, reduce the operating costs and keep the truck on the road where it belongs.
  • Ridetronic

    Ridetronic develops light, elegant and smart e-bikes. With a total weight of 13 kg, the TronicDrive-Bike is 50 % lighter than conventional e-bike models. Its minimal weight enables a perfect and easy everyday use as well as an ideal riding behaviour. The innovative and fully integrated drive technology leads to a simple and elegant design. The battery can be fully charged within 2 hours and enables ranges of more than 60 km. Via the smartphone-app the level of electrical support can be perfectly adjusted.
  • Pickwings

    Pickwings is a cloud based platform, which connects trucking companies with the shipper industry. Today 25% of the trucks on the roads are empty. However, carriers have little to no possibility to find shipments on their route. With its technological approach, Pickwings helps carriers to find shipments near their empty trucks, which will increase efficiency and lead to lower prices for the shipping industry.